Welcome to Hjørring Baptist Church!


We are a Christian "Free Church". Free Church is a term used in Denmark for all Christian churches which exist outside the state-supported Lutheran Church. We share all of the main content of the Christian faith with all other Christians. You can read about our Baptist faith and much more on www.bwanet.org.


Currently our church has 174 members with the majority of these members living in Hjørring and a smaller group living in the neighbouring town of Hirtshals.


Sunday services in Hjørring are at 10 a.m., held in Danish, and last about 1½ hours. Services include hymn and chorus-praise singing, special music such as solos, etc., Bible text readings, a children's story and song, a short time of silent prayer, and a sermon. After the children's story but before the sermon all children, who wish to, are invited to go to a "children's church". Here they sing, hear Bible stories, pray and make hobby activities, all of which are geared to a child's understanding. Parents are free to follow the children if they want. We usually have Communion the first Sunday of every month, where all who believe in Christ as their Saviour are welcome to participate. A time of fellowship and free coffee follows the worship service.


Our church is open from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon some Saturdays during the summer months. Here you can see our sanctuary with its beautiful stained glass window, have a free cup of coffee and have a chat with our hosts.


Worship services in Hirtshals vary in content and in what time they are held. Some services are family focused, and some are biblical discussions. They are all held in Danish. For more concise information please contact Hirtshals' group-leader, Morten Gaust, from the address list provided below.



Hjørring Baptist Church (Baptistkirke)                                Hirtshals Baptist Church (Baptistkirke)


Sct. Olai Plads 7                                                                 Fanøgade 11, 9850 Hirtshals

(at the north end of the walking street by the City Scene)


Contact person:     Administrator Morten Steengaard             Contact person:   Morten Gaust

                            info@hjoerringbaptistkirke.dk                                             Engvej 13, 9850 Hirtshals

                                                                                                                     (+45 96 56 06 65)